You’ve booked the flight, the hotel is set, now what will you do when you get here? Should you hop on a tour or play it by ear? How about the best of both worlds! Seeker’s self-guided tour packages show you exactly where to go with google maps, great information, and best of all, everything is included! Each stop offers an item, just show your phone to receive it. There’s no need to pay at each location, or even to complete all at once (you’ve got a year to use the tour). Did we mention you’ll be getting an amazing deal as well?

Seeker Vision

Seeker began in mid 2015 with a set of online tools to help local businesses bring more traffic in their doors. After seeing that our original concept wasn’t accomplishing that goal, we started really listening to local businesses and to our customers. We found that our core tribe, millennials, are spending time thinking about new experiences, instead of new products. In pursuit of our next adventure we use apps like Yelp and Tripadvisor, but still we are left to piece together the details. We designed Seeker self-guided tour packages to offer an experience that takes care of those details, but with the freedom to choose your pace.

Ryan Judy


A technology marketer with a craving for purposful, elegant products. Previously designed and marketed tools for law enforcement and military. A passion for meaningful connections.

Amanda Lyon


An outdoors-loving local committed to making a positive impact in the community. Previously worked as a programs director for a youth organization and volunteered at various non-profit organizations. A bit obsessed with playing games and going on new adventures.

Awesome people who have helped, or continue to help us

 Aaron Panchal, Nathan Panchal, Tyler Lisea, John Miller, Andrija Cvetkovic, Ana Nunez, Sogand Afzali, Brittany Gross, Russell Judy, Michael Frigon, Richard Macklin, Kostantin Reido