You’ve booked the flight, the hotel is set, now what will you do when you get here? Should you hop on a tour or play it by ear? How about the best of both worlds! Seeker’s self-guided tour packages show you exactly where to go with maps, great information, and best of all, everything is included! Each stop offers an item, just show your phone to receive it. There’s no need to pay at each location, or even to complete all at once (you’ve got a year to use the tour). Did we mention you’ll be getting an amazing deal as well?

About Seeker

Seeker was discovered by accident in 2016. After many long nights of hard work building a new set of tools to help local establishments increase foot traffic, Ryan Judy set out to show his product to the world. He would start small, in his hometown of Santa Barbara, then quickly grow to other cities and eventually the world! He began contacting local businesses to demonstrate his amazing new product but quickly found out it wasn't No one cared about the software, regardless of the fact that it was free. After hundreds of conversations with business owners the response was abysmal, but an interesting observation came to light. The establishments that seemed to be thriving the most were wineries and breweries. Many were experiencing massive increases in traffic from locals, visitors, afficionados, newbies, young, and old. While one might consider Santa Barbara an anomaly, as it's located near destination wine country and chock full of tasting rooms, other cities were experiencing the same phenomenon. Ten, twenty, or more breweries and/or tasting rooms popping up in small areas! The explanation was clear. Wine and craft beer had become an experience that could be shared with friends, loved ones, colleagues, and family, with flavors of grapes and hops never before encountered in such variation. And when the scenery would become dull or the conversation pause, the crowd would simply move to the next spot. With this realization, Seeker was born.  

Seeker Wine and Craft Beer Tours embodies the experience of effortless choice. For one price, thirsty travelers receive an app-based pack that includes maps, information, and wine/craft beer to redeem, but with the flexibility of their own timing and the ability to expand the tour at any stop. While a segment of our customers are locals, most are from out of town. They are curious to try the local flavors and will research the best options for doing so. In this process they find us, and shortly thereafter become "Seekers."  

Our Team: | Ryan Judy, CEO | Amanda Lyon: Marketing | John Lawrence: Software Development |

Awesome people who have helped, or continue to help us

 Aaron Panchal, Nathan Panchal, Tyler Lisea, John Miller, Andrija Cvetkovic, Ana Nunez, Sogand Afzali, Brittany Gross, Russell Judy, Michael Frigon, Richard Macklin, Kostantin Reido