Here's how to use Seeker packages.  Purchasing for a group?  See below.


Check out everything that is included in our Seeker packs.  Some are great for a single day of wine or craft brew, some are geared towards a weekend.  At any rate you have one year to use all items in any of our packages.  Add a package to your cart and checkout.  Payment is fast and easy, you can even use your Amazon account to checkout.

create your account

At the end of checkout click the button to finish setting up your account.  If you have an iPhone, download the Seeker app.  Otherwise use the webapp in a browser if you have Android or another device. 


All of the locations in your wine or craft beer pack are within short walking distance.  You do not need to redeem all in one day, in fact you get an entire year from the date of purchase.  


See those "Redeem" buttons?  Ask staff at each location to press it to receive your item.  If you have purchased multiple packages, redeem multiple times.  Now it's time to sit back and sip the flavors of Santa Barbara wine and craft beer before heading to your next stop!

Purchasing for a group

One person purchasing for a group:  After purchasing, click My Account and manage your purchases.  If you want everyone to get their own package, choose "Give as a gift" on each package and enter email addresses.  They will receive instructions to use it on their phone.  If you would like to manage all packages yourself, just add them all to your account.  The only difference is staff at each location will be able to click the "Redeem" button multiple times.  If you have 5 packages, they'll click it 5 times (in the webapp). 

Everyone purchases on their own:  Just find the package you want and send a link to your friends.  They will purchase and use on their own phones.  Choose where to meet and you're ready to go!

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us at or 805-202-5515.  Please also read the FAQ on the product page.  We are here to make sure you enjoy your experience.