The Seeker Value Guarantee tells our customers that we've put together the VERY BEST PRICED offer available. Seeker packs offer value in many ways, but one of the most important is the total cost of the package. To feel secure in your purchase, we back every Seeker pack with the following guarantee.

Here's OUR Value Guarantee

If you find another package in the same location that offers more value than our Seeker packs, we'll give it to you for FREE! The items included in every Seeker pack are HIGHLY DISCOUNTED from their retail price. If you find a pack including the same items (or even close to the same items) that's cheaper, we'll buy one for you and one other person. Go ahead, JUST TRY IT!

How Seeker packs are such a good price

There's no trick, this is simple. The businesses we work with operate in areas with lots of competition. They give us big discounts to bring you in their doors. We pass it on to YOU in one amazing, discounted package that offers a wine or craft beer tasting experience unlike any other. We've built a great app to go with it, something also unique among these types of offerings. Our customers rave about their Seeker packs, and we know you will too.